Grandma's Secrets Recipes is Saguaro's own brand and the products are based on traditional American recipes.


Amercian Dill Pickles.

Grandma's Secret Dill Pickles has  the salty briny taste of original American Dill Pickles. Use our pickles to give your burger the authentic Amercian taste.

Pancake Mix.

Grandma's Secret Pancake Mix is a ready to use mix. With our mix you can make American buttermilk pancakes. You can also use our mix for waffles, blinis, batter for deep fried chicken and so much more.

Pancake Syrup.

Grandma's Secret Syrup is an original American corn syrup, perfect for your brunch pancakes, waffles and sausage links. You can use our syrup for applesmoked bacon and fried bacon. Our syrup can be used as a substitute to honey and sugar in baking.