NCCO International is Europe’s premier food safety and foodservice industry expert.
With a wide range of innovative, proven products, it is our mission to deliver smart solutions to everyday foodservice challenges.
NCCO can provide environmentally friendly, degradable label-kits, sustainable solutions on intelligent portion bottles, innovative systems for time-saving label-printing and a number of other smart-solutions on piping bags, server pads, logo-printing for takeaway packaging and more.

Server Pads & Accessories


WaitRpads® and OrderPADS™ ensures accurate orders make it to the kitchen and ultimately to your customers. Both tools provide multiple benefits to both servers and your operation: Each server is given a server-number corresponding to the number on their pad. This streamlines the kitchen-to-customer process and minimizes the chances of human error when matching orders with servers. The bottom tear-off-stubs can be used as receipts.

Food Safety Products
TRANS NCCO Label Product

Knowing which products to use first, reduces spoilage and prevents foodborne illnesses. Simultaneously it assist in improving inventory management, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring customer safety. NCCO International’s DateIt™ Food Rotation Labelling System is available with the following adhesive solutions: dissolving, reusable, removable, WashOff, Peel Off and permanent. 

DateCodeGenie – labelling solutions for every kitchen
TRANS NCCO Date Code Genie

The Date Code Genie® is a smart solution for every kitchen. It is Cloud-based, centrally managed and fully customizable to meet your needs. It is made of quality kitchen-grade stainless steel, and is Wi-Fi enabled. DateCodeGenie has a full-color touchscreen and a built-in thermal printer for customized labels.
An indispensable aggregate for the modern kitchen. 

FIFO & Portion Control

Whether you need a full kit or specific pieces, NCCO International provides the perfect product-mix for your unique kitchen. The FIFO bottles, kits and accessories ensures consistent portions during food preparation. FIFO bottles feature non-drip dispensing valves and comes with fixed portion rings to save time, reduce costs and minimize waste. All products are BPA-free.

Piping Bags

Eliminate the hassle of unsanitary cloth bags with disposable FrostIt piping bags from NCCO International. These bags are BPA-free, fit comfortably in your hand, has strong seams, resists tearing, and are easy to refill.