The Vollrath Co.

Vollrath brings you the Traex® Batter Boss® and the Traex® Sauce Boss® for all your batter and sauce dosage needs. With a unique dosage dispenser for batter or sauce you can now save time and money by quickly dispensing the exact amount of batter or sauce needed in your recipes. This solution is easy for your staff to use and with the inbuilt precision dose measure the correct amount of product is a guarantee.

Batter boss®

The Traex® Batter Boss® from Vollrath combines timesaving measures with easy precise dosage. With 8 settings that ensures a dosage between 1 and 3 ounces you decide the exact quantity. The snap on lid protects the contents against contamination and provides full visibility of the batter. With a capacity of 48 ounces refills are almost a thing of the past and when not in use the legs support the dispenser, so it remains stable on the kitchen counter.

Sauce Boss®

The Traex® Sauce Boss® ensures correct dosage every time. The Sauce Boss® holds up to 48 ounces and with the option of dispensing dosages between ½ ounce and 1/32 of an ounce you are guaranteed never to waste product. A cam pin at the base of the handle lets you change the dosage setting by rotating to the desired portion size. The clear lid provides full visibility of the product and the size ensures your staff can focus on food preparation and not on refilling.